AMOHR Technische Textilien GmbH


Facts & Figures

Employees 60
Turnover 13 mill. €
Certifications ISO 9001 + ISO 14001

AMOHR Technische Textilien GmbH

AMOHR is developping and producing Smart Textiles. They are produced as elastic or non-elastic textile tapes for connection or contact applications. AMOHR also produces different kind of textile sensors checking pressure, humidity or elongation. All these products are custom-made in close co-operation with AMOHR’s customers and individually for each application. Characteristics like heat-resistance, strength, elasticity, washing- and UV-resistance are respected and the conductive elements can be chosen with respect to conductivity, amperage, kind of insulation and bending attributes. In iterative steps AMOHR finds the best solution for customer’s application and serial production.


Product innovation:

Conductive, elastic tape with non-elastic zones

This conductive article is elastic, but has non-elastic zones, in which the conductors are straight for easy contacting. Eventually the contacting can be done semi-automatic at AMOHR to reduce the high cost of manual contacting, which was necessary until now. The 4 conductors are extrusion-coated copper wires with an electrical resistance of only 0.8 OHM/m in each strand. On both sides the tape has edges where it can be sewn onto a substrate. Elasticity is app. 30 %. The tape can be adapted in width and number of the strands upon request.

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