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FibR GmbH

FibR GmbH explores a novel design and construction repertoire for expressive fiber composite structures based on innovative design methods and robotic fabrication processes. Fields of application for these resource-efficient lightweight structures include building construction such as load bearing structures and facades, modular lightweight systems for trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as furniture and products. FibR GmbH offers design and engineering services as well as robotic fabrication and installation of fiber composite structures. Our structures are used in various scales wherever particularly light and performative structures are required which simultaneously exhibit extraordinary design quality.


Product innovation:

Resource-efficient lightweight construction

Fiber pavilion at the Federal Garden Show:
The fiber pavilion at the Federal Garden Show in Heilbronn shows how resource-efficient lightweight construction opens up new design and construction possibilities in architecture. FibR GmbH robotically prefabricated and assembled 60 up to 6 m long components for the load bearing structure of the pavilion. The structure spans 400 m2 with a weight of only 7.6kg/m2. The project was realized in cooperation between the Bundesgartenschau 2019 GmbH, the University of Stuttgart and the FibR GmbH.

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