FLT – Future Lighting Technologies GmbH


FLT – Future Lighting Technologies GmbH

Light, heating, switching, and textile materials – fascinating innovations and extraordinary design. FLT – Future Lighting Technologies GmbH was founded in the year 2012, operating as an engineering firm in the automotive sector including suppliers. The company started as a developmental service provider with emphasis on lighting solutions and then evolved into a full-service provider for entire systems. New technologies allow the combination of surface materials (leather, artificial leather, or textiles) with luminous textile materials, jointly laminated, with integrated fleece heating and contactless switching technology which can be used in yachts, buses, trains, aircrafts, and in the areas of home & living, and non-automotive.


Product innovation

Innovative heating fleece

Heating, lighting, switching – fleece compound material with many features
A new type of fleece allows a completely new way of heating, for example in cars or other applications. The fleece material, onto which the surface material is applied directly, allows the heat to develop directly under the surface material. The produced heat does not need to pass through thick foam or air cushions nor heat the surrounding areas. With this material, only those areas are heated that are touched and sensed. This results in a unique performance in energy efficiency.

Furthermore, due to the heating material’s low electromagnetic radiation, it can be combined with contactless switching technology. That means, that the individual functional elements, such as surface, heating, lighting, and switching, can be processed together to form a compound. Its design height is approx. 5 mm and can therefore be installed in almost any area or position in the vehicle.

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