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Employees 250
Certifications ISO 9001-2015

Gustav Gerster GmbH & Co. KG

Gustav Gerster GmbH & Co. KG has been active in the textile industry for more than 135 years. Originally active in the field of curtain and trimming, in 2004, the business unit Gerster TechTex was added. The focus of Gerster TechTex is on the production of component-specific reinforcement textiles for the composite market. High-quality textiles made of glass, carbon and other materials are processed in the in-house production departments such as the ribbon weaving or warp knitting.


Product innovation:

Shape ribbon

The new product shape ribbon aims at reproducing larger free-shape geometries in a continuous process. The weaving method is based on a UD-tapes weaving. The functionality has been almost completely changed from new mechanical components to control. As a result, significant innovations have been introduced into weaving technology.

The continuous production method allows the production of small and large woven preforms, both closed structures and separate sections, their curvature change in S-shape, E.g. as a depositor in more complex components. The preforms can be single or multi-layer, with no limit. The edges of the shape ribbon are closed and do not fray. This makes it possible to handle near-net shape preforms, which particularly supports automated manufacturing. All common reinforcement fibers are editable, for carbon fibers up to about 1600 tex, for glas fibers to about 2400 tex.

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