Facts & Figures

Employees > 1,100
Turnover > € 150 million
Certifications ISO 9001, IATF 16949, EN 9100



As a leading manufacturer of electrical insulating materials, composite materials, and electronic materials, Krempel is a system partner for customers in the energy, mobility, and industrial sectors. 

Our products have gained an excellent reputation in electrical engineering, automotive, aerospace, railway, defense, and in medical engineering. On our coating, laminating, bonding, and prepreg impregnation lines, we produce flat semi-finished products, and 6-daylight hot presses bring fiber composite boards from our own prepregs into shape. Complex composite components are manufactured on our winding, autoclave, compression molding, or injection molding machines. 

The Krempel group of companies has 11 locations on four continents and employs more than 1,100 people worldwide. 


Product innovation

Complex composite components

Flexibilized phenolic resin prepregs
Krempel has had decades of experience as a producer of composite materials for manufacturers of aircraft cabins and train interiors. The transportation, aerospace, and aviation industries are subject to strict fire, smoke, and toxicity regulations. Our latest composite innovation is flexibilized phenolic resin prepregs. They offer both excellent dynamical and mechanical properties and compliance with the most stringent standards for low flame spread, low smoke, and low toxicity. They meet HL3 R1/R7 requirements, so they are also used in the sleeping and couchette sector. 

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