LeMur S.r.l.

Ala (TN) Italy

Facts & Figures

Employees 65
Turnover 10 mill. €
Certifications Standard 1 and 100 by OEKO-TEX®, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Hohenstein Institute Skin Compatibility Certificate


LeMur S.r.l.

LeMur Italy Srl is a company specialized on high quality fine single-cover and double-cover counts as well as air-jet covered spandex yarns. LeMur is a point of reference in the European stretch yarn market thanks to the high quality of its products and service, the capability to satisfy customer request, the quick delivery and the good assistance.

In its own R&D laboratory, LeMur has developed an innovative spinning technology, which led to the creation of the worldwide unique continuous elastic silicone yarn: muriel ®.


Product innovation:

muriel ®

muriel ® is an elastic silicone yarn, which is characterized by unique properties that are exploited in many application fields: textile, medical, light management, technical and pro- tective clothing, automotive, sensor applications and food.

  • muriel ®-med : biocompatible, is used in plastic, aesthetic and corrective surgery
  • muriel ®-ray : is resistant to UV-rays and weathering exposure with no mechanical changes
  • muriel ®-ts : is thermal stable (in the range T= –40°C ÷ +350°C) and flame resistant
  • muriel ®-grip : is used to realize anti-slip, low force and moisture management areas in textile products
  • muriel ®-sensor : shows electrical resistivity variations according to the deformation
  • muriel ®-food : preserves food healthiness when used into contact with food in high temperature cooking
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