Leuchtturmgruppe Abstandstextilien

Leuchtturmgruppe Abstandstextilien

The Competence Center Spacer Fabrics develops individual solutions with spacer fabrics. They combine the expertise of nine companies along the textile value creation chain. These include thread suppliers, fabric manufacturers (knitting and warp knitting), coating companies, cutters and creative minds for development ideas. When support is needed in terms of research, the DITF Denkendorf (German Institute of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf) supports the work of those involved. Two networks – the AFBW (Alliance of Fiber-based Materials, Baden-Württemberg) and Cluster techtex – offer a superordinate interface for the association, and they are the first point of contact for anyone who is interested.

Spacer fabrics made of different materials, forms and structures, are the basis for numerous solutions and innovative products. The Competence Center Spacer Fabrics offers interdisciplinary suggestions for technical implementation, including the production of prototypes.


Product innovation:

Multilayer structures made of meshed, woven or knitted spacer fabrics

According to the application, spacer fabrics can be produced in different strengths, ranging from 1-200 mm. They offer versatile possibilities for the improvement of comfort and the optimization of energy and weight savings. Possible materials are polyester and polyamide, and also high-tech fibers, such as glass filaments or carbon fibers. Through the application of resins or adhesives, multifunctional composite materials can be developed.

In terms of their property profiles, meshed, woven or knitted spacer fabrics can be adapted to suit almost every application. Due to their multifunctionality, versatility and flexibility, they are recommended for more and more markets and applications. The textile wall system for interior finishing, which was developed by members of the AFBW, is a good example of this.

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