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Rökona Textilwerk GmbH & Co. KG

At Rökona, we see ourselves as a fully integrated manufacturer of technical textiles in Tübingen, covering all process steps in production from the bobbin to the finished product. And have so for 60 years. 

In order to make our production as environmentally and resource friendly as possible, we are constantly adapting our product portfolio and our technologies to the future requirements. With our affiliate company in Hungary, we can cover the complete value chain from cutting to the finished product. The Asian market is covered with our two joint ventures. We will be happy to develop your projects together with you – textile solutions for you from a single source. 


Product innovation


Our space for sustainability
RE:Space stands for sustainably developed and produced technical textiles. Our Re:Space products are manufactured in a fully integrated production process that stands for short distances and interlinked processes. These are used in a way that a single origin end product is created, which can be returned to the recycling process, thus reducing the overall amount of textile waste. We use our influence with this concept, it's continuous development. 

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