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SL Rasch GmbH

SL Rasch GmbH is an architecture and engineering company with an emphasis on the planning and construction of innovative lightweight architecture and structures. Our international team of experts – consisting of architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and computer scientists – develops, designs, compares, and optimizes alternative basic concepts using interdisciplinary scientific planning processes to find the best solution.

SL Rasch achieved international recognition for its realization of large convertible textile umbrellas that can be used as sustainable energy-efficient roofs and for its unique innovative lightweight urban-scale architecture.


Product innovation:

Large textile umbrellas for convertible roofs for climatic comfort

For more than 30 years, SL-Rasch has developed and optimized large umbrella structures that are successfully used worldwide as convertible roofs. These light translucent membrane vaults protect against sun and rain and transform outdoor spaces into architectural structures of the highest quality. If deployed during the day, the high-quality Teflon fabrics reflect more than 70 % of the irradiated solar energy. Closed at night, the area can cool down under the clear cold night sky which is appreciated on the next day. These convertible umbrella structures offer climatic comfort by controlling irradiation.


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