Steiff Schulte Webmanufaktur GmbH

Facts & Figures

Employees 40
Turnover € 4.7 million
Certifications ISO 9001:2015

Steiff Schulte Webmanufaktur GmbH

Steiff Schulte Webmanufaktur GmbH has been producing 3-dimensional pile fabrics since 1901. The goods are manufactured exclusively at the Duisburg location.

As a supplier of mohair fabrics to the world-famous Steiff company, we specialize in the production of faux fur from natural mohair goat and alpaca wool. Pile fabrics made of wool, cotton and acrylics are also part of the product range. In addition to their use in the toy industry, faux furs are also used in the areas of fashion and interiors.

Our highly flexible weaving factory is a fully integrated textile company, which includes warping, weaving, dyeing, finishing and quality control, all at a single location. This enables us to achieve the highest quality standards and it allows us to implement the smallest quantities in individual customer colors (from 30 m).


Product innovation:

Faux Furs

Classic fibers such as wool, mohair, alpaca or even acrylic, shake off their dusty old look and reinvent themselves with innovative, stylish or crazy designs and structures such as whirls, curls or an emery finish.

Elaborate optics are our specialty. Therefore, our faux furs can sometimes appear “puristic”, or even “pompous”. Individuality instead of mass. Exclusive and noble.

Luxurious imitation furs made of natural materials are the ecological and sustainable alternative to real furs. No animal must die for these noble furs.

Printed Faux Furs
Our digital printing on natural mohair and alpaca faux furs sets new standards for innovative and customized designs. There are no limits to your creativity.

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