Traugott Baumann KG


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Traugott Baumann KG

The company was founded in 1959. Today, it basically rests on two pillars:
On the one hand, we provide services for our customers – by twisting, draw-winding, and air-texturing threads and yarns. We fully meet customer specifications – 100 %, continuously control the production processes, and deliver the highest quality. On the other hand, we develop the latest filament threats – precisely fulfilling our customers’ requirements or according to our own designs. In addition to the area of recreational garments (e.g. odour inhibition), medical applications (e.g. antibacterial, compression) and occupational safety (e.g. flame retarding, cut-resistant), we have put special emphasis on the area of conductivity.

We produce conductive threads and yarns for different applications, for example, to ensure even flows of current, to produce heat, absorb energy, or to achieve antistatic properties.


Product innovation:

Technical threads

Baumann Twisting Solutions developed conductive threads made of PA 6.6, silver-coated, or twists with steel components. One example is the steel-polyester twist that features an extraordinary stability through the integration of a POY, and excellent elongation. Our technical PTFE twists are also used in the filter industry and in the production of protective clothing.

Our technical twists are used in large-scale architectural projects. Our strength here is the processing of PTFE into warp and weft material for technical webs; and sewing threads that fulfill the requirements of durable textile construction components.

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